Podere Casa al Bosco

How it's began

In our family we have been breeders for at least three generations, our grandparents were, our parents were, and now we are.

Our grandparents were born and grew up in a small mountain village in Campania, here they lived for most of what they could grow and raise, so in their culture having a farm with animals was first of all a source of livelihood. And it is in this environment that our parents grew up and learned to make a living from agriculture. Our father was a shepherd since he was a child.

In the 1950s our parents then moved to Tuscany, where they continued to practice agriculture, which was also widespread there at that time. And that's where we were born.

In the 1970s, during the economic boom, many people began to abound the countryside to go to work in the new factories that were being born. Initially our father also made the same choice (mostly because of the willing of his parents) but, after only a week of work in the factor, he decided that being locked up all day doing the same operation for hours was not for him, and he came back to the countryside.

It was in this period that he decided to extend his agricultural activity and bought (with a long-term mortgage) the property in which we still find ourselves. Part of the property can be seen in this aerial photo from June 20, 1965.

In addition to this, he decided to buy Massese sheep, which he believed to be more suited to the conformation of the territory and the climate of the new location.

We have been helping our parents since we were 6 years old, but always continuing in our studies and, subsequently, in our work. And in fact, initially we had other occupations than agriculture: one is a teacher and the other one is a dressmaker.

Subsequently, at the beginning of 2000, it began to be evident how the age of our parents began to weigh on their work, so we started working full time in the farm and in 2002 we officially took over, setting up the agricultural company "Podere Casa al Bosco ". And here we are at our counter in one of the first editions of the "Autumnia" fair, in Figline Valdarno.

"Podere Casa al Bosco" still lives and continues to carry on the traditions of our family, seeking an integration between the ancient workers and new technologies, which can bring improvement to the business.


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