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In our farm we produce sheep and goat cheeses, ricotta and raveggiolo; but also yoghurt. We also have hebrs cheeses (chilli, rocket, chives, truffles ...) and the "Giuncata" (our specialty). To these is added a last novelty; the "Pecorino della Fornace". A cave cheese aged in our renovated kiln. Our cheeses are prepared following the ancient processing methods and everything is done manually, so that you can rediscover in them the ancient flavors now lost.

Do you want to know how we make the cheese? Come to us for a tour with tasting and you will find out. Reservations via e-mail or through our experiences page on AirBnb.

We also remind you that our cheeses are all made with raw milk (unpasteurized milk); this gives them a sharper flavor (compared to other cheeses you can find in supermarkets or dairies), which also changes with the changing seasons.

See below for a complete list of our products.

And here are our cheeses

First salt:

A very fresh cheese (no more than 3-4 days of age), which is offered in several variants: white (without spices), with rocket or with chilli.

Suitable for a fresh aperitif or as a substitute for mozzarella.



Stracchino sheep cheese:

Fresh sheep cheese (maximum 7 days of age), it is made with curd pieces of larger size and without exerting pressure when placing it in the basket (unlike how we do with other sheep cheeses); this causes a greater quantity of whey to remain inside the cheese, giving it a more acidic flavor and greater softness, which allow you to spread it. Just like you do with the stracchino cheese.

Fresh sheep cheese:

Sheep cheese with short aged (maximum 15-20 days of age), with the typical yellow rind and the inside still white, with a slightly bitter taste due to the slight acidity it develops. Good to eat as it is, with honey or other sauces.


Semi-aged sheep cheese:

Medium-aged sheep cheese (around 2-3 months of age), with an intense flavor. The rind is thicker than the fresh cheese and the inside has a more yellowish color. Suitable to be accompanied by jams or honey.


Aged sheep cheese:

Very aged sheep cheese (between 6 and 10 months of age), with a very strong flavor and smell, when chewed it seems to pinch your tongue. Very good accompanied with pears, honey or sweet wines. Given its greater hardness it is also suitable for grating on pasta, for example on the "pici all'aglione".

Aged in hay sheep cheese:

Sheep cheese with a total age of about 9 months; after the first 6 months of normal aging, the cheese completes its aging in a jar with hay, in a stack structure: that is a layer of hay and then one of cheese, so on until it reaches the top of the jar, which then will be capped. Thanks to this technique the sheep cheese, even if very aged, remains soft and its flavor is less strong than the classic 6-10 months aged cheese. Good both as it is and with honey.

Aged in kiln sheep cheese:

It is a cave sheep cheese, aged between 4 and 6 months, of which the last months (2-3) spent aging in our renovated kiln. For this reason, its rind is very dark, with red tones, a pasty consistency and a more delicate flavor than the classic 6 months aged cheese. Come and taste it to discover its unique flavor.

Herbs sheep cheeses:

They come in various kinds: with chives, chili, walnuts, or with truffles. To be enjoyed fresh or medium-aged.


The "Giuncata":

One of our specialties. The sheep cheese like our grandmother used to do, when there were no plastic baskets. The pieces of broken curd is put to drain wrapped and squeezed like candy in a rush mat, instead of in the usual plastic basket. So the cheese takes on the particular shape that you can observe in the picture and a very delicate flavor. It can be eaten both fresh and aged. In any case, we advice you to taste it as it is, without adding honey or sauces that would hide its delicate flavor.


Sheep ricotta:

One of our most requested products; simple, fresh and with a thousand uses. For sweet and savory recipes. Or to eat as it is, with jams, with sugar or with chocolate.



It is none other than the curd (which is usually broken to make cheese), sold whole in special jars. Similar in texture to pudding, very good with the addition of jam or chocolate, it can be served as a dessert. Available on order.


Sheep yogurt:

Nothing but simple natural yoghurt, made with our organic sheep's milk. The consistency is typical of yogurt, also the taste is similar, but with an aftertaste typical of very fresh sheep's cheese. Absolutely to try with honey.

Goat cheese:

Because of the presence of some goats in our farm, we also produce (in small quantities) some cheeses made with goat's milk, available both aged and fresh.

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