Podere Casa al Bosco

Our sheep

The farm is mainly based on a breeding of about 200 sheep of Massese breed.

This breed is typical of Tuscany, it is in fact originally from Massa Carrara, and has some distinctive features compared to the classic Sardinian breed sheep.

First of all, it can have a black, brown or gray coat, but not white. The wool that is obtained is unfortunately of little value because it is not suitable for painting. Physically, the sheep has a larger and more massive constitution than the Sardinian breed, which is why it is physically stronger, but also eats more. The quality of meat and milk is better, but it is less productive than other breeds. In addition, both males and females can have horns; for this reason at first it can be mistaken for a goat.

Still today we believe that the Massese breed is suitable for our farm, where the production is not so big but everything is done with care and attention; our main goal is quality and not quantity.

Here are some photos of the sheep and our other animals:

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