Podere Casa al Bosco

The kiln

We have renovated the ancient kiln, adjacent to the main structure of the farm and used in ancient times for cooking bricks, and we have used it as a cheese aging room and cellar, to provide you with a unique cheese that represents us; this is how our "Pecorino della Fornace" from Podere Casa al Bosco was born. A cave sheep cheese, aged for a few months in the kiln.

On the top of the kiln has been build a terrace, that we use for tastings and dinner.

The old kiln, after the purchase of the property by our father, was only made safe but not renovated, with the promise to renovate it later.

Many years have passed since then and many things have been done, but the kiln has remained there left to itself. Finally, after more than 20 years, we have decided to do something and after a long work of choices and renovations; we are happy to show you the final result.

Our intent was to upset the kiln as little as possible and leave it in its original state, with respect for the age and history of this structure. Like it was a work of art to be restored. So the interior has remained exactly as it was, with the only addition of a suspended wooden floor, so that you can easily enter and move around to admire the kiln from the inside. The only real addition is the roof terrace, which immediately seemed like a good idea to enhance the kiln. In the following photos you can admire how the kiln changed before, during and after of the works.

(click on the images to enlarge)

Here you can see how the structure looked at the beginning of the works:




Here are some photos during the works:




And here's how the kiln looks like after the works are completed:



Below you can see some pictures of the terrace obtained on the roof of the kiln. From here you can enjoy an excellent view of the fields and woods that surround the main building of the farm.




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